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My themes vary from fine art to pop culture and on to historical culture; exploring craft, history and nature to develop new characters and artistic avenues to explore.

Designer Toy Awards 2017 Artist of the Year and Designer Toy Awards 2018 Custom of the Year artist Jon Paul Kaiser came to us with an idea for his solo show 'Reveries'.

We sat down with him and had a look over the concepts art while listening to the ideas and meaning behind the pieces. With that we helped develop the basic anatomical shapes for each o of the pieces using digital design. One piece of the design came from an older piece. We used our 3D scanning expertise to create a digital asset that could be adapted for the appropriate use in this project.

These were then sent off to Jon to add his signature touch to the masters. to combine the accuracy of digital work with the uniqueness of hand sculpted, traditional clay.

From there we prep these masters to a high quality finish and used our understanding of molding and casting to create high quality blanks for the artist to instill his artistry to the final pieces.

All pieces based on the Sun and Moon where developed by us in collaboration with          Jon Paul Kaiser


Jon Paul Kaiser

2022 - Present


  • 3D scanning

  • Digital Design

  • Product Development

  • Rapid-protoyping

  • Mold & Cast Production


Atomic Studios, Jon Paul Kaiser

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