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Bullet Hell Arriving to Kickstarter

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Our first kickstart project in collaboration with Mark "Remanance" Lambert is releasing 01.10.2021

What is Bullet Hell?

Bullet Hell is the creation of character designer Mark Lambert, brought to life by Atomic Studios. It features a coven of Witches who all have individual specialities and, most importantly,


Why Kickstarter?

We chose kickstarter for this project due to being the first of its kind and wanted to see who likes the concept and when fully funded we would start the rest of the coven production as well. We also saw using kickstarter as a good way to promote the concept and story behind Bullet Hell and the first witch of the coven Blunderbuster.

What to Expect?

Expect a lot of cool things coming out from this kickstarter from the standard pledges to stretch goals and early bird extras. The only way to be ready for the early bird is join our Bullet hell mailing list here.

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