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Grum Reapur Banner no face.png
I sculpted the first Grum Reapur in the midst of my transformation as a totem to represent enjoying each and every moment in life as we never know when we might dance with the reaper.


Grum Reapur 

2018 - Present


  • 3D scanning

  • Product Development

  • Rapid-protoyping


Atomic Studios, Grum Reapur

Grum Reapur is more than an artist. He is a thinker, an obsever, a person who can see that as people we are a spectrum with weights on both ends of the scales of life. We worked closely with him to make Grum Reapur a larger canvas to work on. We created a 3D scan of his original model, Scaled it up in size and produced a prototype to work from for the moulding process. By using this method we have also create a digital asset to be used to with CAD technologies to have non destructive testing of designs. We are glad to be able to help out artists bring their ideas into fruition.


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