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Session in Progress


Here we work with you to understand the message that is trying to be sent out,  the key goals and what your final results aim to look like.


Here is where the skeleton of the whole project is design and thought through. We look at hitting the main goals of the message in a creative and engaging way.

Image by Soragrit Wongsa

Pre -Visualisation

From the storyboard or script our team will create a visual overview of what we see the visuals and audio looking like.  We also discuss location and such at this point 


The Meat and potatoes so to speak. where we film based off the storyboard, script and pre-visualisation to get the footage needed for the next step 

Image by Onur Binay

Post Production

Where all the bells and whistles come into action. Our team works on getting the highest visual and audio quality out of the footage while also adding visual effects to further enhance the concept being portrayed.


The part we have all been waiting for. Where all the efforts of our team and yourself have created a piece of media that you can be proud of and used in a number of different settings. 

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